Valladolid and Vitoria-Gasteiz: climate neutral and smart cities

The European Commission announced the 100 cities in the European Union that will participate in the EU's Mission for 100 Smart and Climate Neutral Cities by 2030.

European Commission’s President Ursula von der Leyen said: “The green transition is now making its way across Europe. But there is still a need for pioneers who set even higher targets. These cities are showing us the way to a healthier future. We will support them in this! Let’s start the work today”.


The winning cities will serve as laboratories for experimentation and innovation in clean mobility, energy efficiency and green urbanism. They will be able to benefit from personalized assistance thanks to the platform managed by NetZeroCities and a network of best practices between the winning cities.

Thanks to the 360 million euros global envelope of the Horizon Europe program for 2022-2023, these cities will benefit from additional funding and will have the opportunity to participate in major innovation actions and to join pilot projects.

In return, each winning city will commit to developing a “climate city” contract to implement the sectoral measures and investments identified to achieve climate neutrality, involving citizens and all stakeholders in the process. The European Commission registered a total of 377 applications.


Among the 100 winning cities are two members of the network: Valladolid and Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Photo credit : City of Clermont-Ferrand

Thanks to their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), their strategy for sustainable mobility, new urbanism and energy transition, they will participate in the development of the roadmap for the rest of the continent.

The concrete actions proposed by the cities of Valladolid and Vitoria-Gasteiz are :

One of Valladolid’s actions focuses on offering greener and smarter transport, combining “clean” and connected vehicles and shared transport models.

Vitoria-Gasteiz has proposed, among other actions, urban green infrastructure that provides solutions based on natural processes and dynamics for the correction of environmental, economic and social problems.

Congratulations to Vitoria and Valladolid!

More information about their programs:

Information on Valladolid

Information on Vitoria

Photo credit : City of Valladolid

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