Norman and Clermont-Ferrand's world days for cultural diversity

Norman and Clermont-Ferrand's world days for cultural diversity

This year, world cultures were celebrated within the International Network of Michelin Cities.

Two INMC cities, Norman (OK-USA) and Clermont-Ferrand (France), organised an event in 2022 to promote and highlight the different cultures present in their respective territories.



The first ever Norman International Festival was held on 23 October 2022 in Reaves Park and was a success. The public attended and enjoyed exhibitions, artists and food from the different cultures composing the city's community.







Norman's sister cities are : Seika in Japan, Arezzo in Italy, Colima in Mexico and Clermont-Ferrand in France. Theyr were represented thanks to video specially made for this event. Millie Audas was spotlighted by Mayor Larry Heikkila for her extensive contributions to international educational exchange at OU and celebrating international cultural contributions in Norman.




On Sunday 27 November 2022, the International Network of Michelin Cities was represented in Clermont-Ferrand for the very first edition of the "World Culture Day". This new festive event, characterised by interculturality and international openness, seeks to promote the culture of countries in all its dimensions.



Every year, the event aims to involve and integrate the foreign communities of Clermont-Ferrand through their active participation in the day. This first edition took place in the heart of an architectural treasure of Clermont: the Comédie de Clermont - Scène Nationale. A cultural centre built by the Portuguese architect Eduardo Souto de Moura on the site of the former bus station. This site classified as a historical monument has also been the subject of archaeological excavations which have revealed the presence of the foot of an imposing Roman bronze statue. This discovery bore witness to the remains of the ancient city founded in the 1st century before Christ.


On Sunday, La Comédie was full with five pavilions, each representing a continent, and a sixth pavilion named "Clermont-Ferrand- World City". These six pavilions were decorated with magnificent drawings by the French notebook artist Damien Chavanat, a regular at another of Clermont-Ferrand's major events: "the international travelnotebook festival".



Under each pavilion were several stands held by different local associations. The "Clermont-Ferrand - Ville monde" pavilion aimed to show that the local organisations, through their activities, reflect the international dimension of the city. It was also an opportunity to present various initiatives led by local actors such as the International Network of Michelin Cities, Clermont-Ferrand Massif Central 2028, RESACOOP and Mosaïc associations. These actions contribute to the attractiveness and influence of Clermont-Ferrand throughout the world. The public was able to learn more about the International Festival of Extra ordinary Textiles. An annual international event co-organised by the City of Clermont-Ferrand, the Bargoin Museum and the HS_Projets agency, which aims to highlight different cultures through the exhibition of textiles.



The participation of the Clermont Puy-de-Dôme Europe Direct Centre alongside the Worldtop ESN association in this sixth pavilion was also an opportunity to demonstrate the European openness of the region.


Many activities were organised by the various foreign associations and organisations present in Clermont-Ferrand during this day, which was organised for children and adults alike. The Comédie welcomed more than 1250 people who learned about Mayan, Japanese and Armenian calligraphy, created Chinese masks and discovered various international games. The diversity of the territory was also highlighted through a photography exhibition and an exhibition of textiles from all corners of the world.


Following the success of this first edition, a second World Culture Day in Clermont-Ferrand is planned for 2023.