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The city of Pirot is located in the south-eastern Serbia, about 30 km from the border with the Republic of Bulgaria. The route which connects Western and Central Europe with the Middle Eastern Mediterranean passes through Pirot. Pirot is placed in a valley, surrounded by the Stara planina mountain, Vlaska planina mountain and Suva planina mountain, with the elevation of 367 m. Pirot covers an area of 1232 km2, with zip code 18300 and area code +38110.

The oldest preserved written record about the city originates from the Roman period (first half of the III century). It was a watch-tower Turres, which administratively belonged to the province of Thrace. Archeological findings, however, imply a several millennia long presence. There are traces from the Copper Age and Iron Age, from the period of Antiquity, early Byzantium and the Middle Ages. Going through different periods in world history, Pirot had many names. The already mentioned Turres, and other names: Pyrgos, Thurib, Momcilov grad…

Nowadays, the city of Pirot is a modern centre which counts cca. 58 000 citizens. It is the administrative center of the Pirot District. Although it's a city developed on traditional values, it also tries to keep pace with new technologies. On one side, there are many Pirot’s traditional products/brands such are: Pirot’s hard cheese (kachkaval), rubber boots, Pirot’s ironed sausage, Pirot’s lamb, honey from Stara planina mountain, pottery and Pirot’s kilim. On the other side, there are modern businesses such are: Free zone Pirot (The fifth time in a row Free Zone Pirot is highly Commended by fDi magazine, division of Financial Times. Free Zone Pirot was declared winner in the category "Large Tenants" as the best place in the world for big companies for doing business. Also, the Free Zone Pirot is ranked among the best zones in the world when it comes to expanding the capacity and supporting the development of small companies), and the Tigar Tyres corporation.

Pirot is also known as the “Little Jerusalem” because of significant number of monasteries and churches. In the surrounding area of Pirot there is fantastic, unspoiled nature with many amazing landscapes, springs, rivers, breathtaking waterfalls and gorges.


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