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317 km²



Guarulhos is a city in the State of São Paulo in the São Paulo Metropolitan Region, in the micro-region that bears its name. The Tropic of Capricorn divides the city in two. Estimated population in 2003 was 1,160,500 (the state's second-largest city) and its surface area is 317.1 km2, giving a population density of 3,660 inhabitants/km2.tion estimée en 2003 était de 1 160 500 habitants (deuxième ville de l’État) et sa surface est de 317,1 km2, soit une densité démographique de 3 660 hab/km2. Its boundaries are Mairiporã and Nazaré Paulista to the north, Santa Isabel to the northeast, Arujá and Itaquaquecetuba to the east, and the capital to the south and west. The city is especially well known for being home to South America's largest civil airport, São Paulo/Guarulhos International Airport.


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