The 2nd Conference of the INMC in a nutshell

Watch the aftermovie and have a look at some pictures of the Second Conference of the International Network of Michelin Cities in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

Highlights and key moments.

The Aftermovie is online !

27 March 2019

Institutional presentations

“Vitoria is a super city, which means that it is not as big as a metropolis but it has an excellent management of urban planning”
Gorka Urtaran, Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz

“Alava is a strong industrial, durable and cohesive territory. Here 75% of the inhabitants live in the city”
Ramiro González, General Deputy of Álava

“This conference is an opportunity to improve citizens awareness … It is a symbol of human and urban sustainable development”
Iñigo Urkullu, Prosident of the Basque Country

Opening keynote : Guillermo Peñalosa & Saskia Sassen

“During the next 40 years, we are going to build the equivalent of New York, Mexico and Tokyo every 4 months”

“Which kind of city do we want ? A city where we sleep at home and live outside”

Presentation of the cities’ policies and initiatives

“We need to understand that the landscape can be an asset to the territory … it invits us to go past the administrative borders and to focus on the real territory”
Gregory Bernard

“Some still think that having a car is a privilege. a privilege that imply getting stuck in traffic, paying expensive parking in cities and to have taxes go to roads upkeep instead of schools and health”
Sandra Pina


28 March 2019

European green capitals : Oslo (2019), Lisbon (2020), Nijmegen (2018) & Vitoria-Gasteiz (2012)

“It is a global challenge but the cities are not alone and by working together and with citizens, they can take action to fight against climate change”

“Oslo is the first city in the world to have created a climate budget”

“A city needs to be a Smart city, before being a green city”

Thematic visits : Green belt, civic centers network, sustainable mobility, Technology Park of Álava, sustainable buildings & sports.

6 LABs: sustainable mobility, urbanism, universities, innovation, circular economy, citizen participation


My bus
Inguru Bira – Walking in the environment
Architecture ENS ACF
Budget participatif
Clermont foot
Réseau Public-privé Vivapolis
Festival du court-metrage
Green pact Community
Unesco creative cities

Mayors meeting

29 March 2019


Irudika – Professional illustration
Artistes en résidence
Do you want to travel with Urkide school ?
Open government partnership
Solutions vertes innovantes pour la restauration des sols
Coopératives de travail associées
Alava emprende

Visit of the Vitoria-Gasteiz Michelin factory


Gorka Urtaran, Mayor of Vitoria-Gasteiz

Sara Acosta, Journalist

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