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The city of Regensburg forms with its architectural testimonies from 2000 years a link between Eastern and Western Europe. The foundation of the city goes back to the roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius, who built the legionary fort Castra Regina in the year 179 AD. The massive Porta Praetoria, the former gateway of the castle, is a significant relic from this time. In the Middle Ages, the city of Regensburg was a rich trading city, which reached its economic importance in the 12th and 13th centuries through its relations with Italy, Russia, Bohemia and Byzantium. During this period, the construction of St. Peter's Cathedral was an important example of Gothic art in Bavaria, as well as the construction of the oldest surviving bridge in Germany, the Steinernen Brücke.

Regensburg is not only impressive on the historical and cultural level. Due to the picturesque streets, which convey a truly Mediterranean atmosphere and the numerous castles, patrician towers and citizen houses, Regensburg has also developed into an internationally coveted tourist destination in recent years and offers an excellent quality of life.

In addition to Baden-Württemberg, Bavaria is one of the most powerful and attractive of the 16 German federal states. The city has a particularly dynamic and prosperous economy. A good indicator of the high quality of life is the local unemployment rate. Experts usually speak of full employment. Thanks to the international companies such as Siemens, Continental, BMW and Osram, which have their headquarters and production location in Regensburg, the city offers over 142,000 jobs.

Regensburg hosts three universities: the University of Regensburg, the Ostbayerische Technische Hochschule and the College of Catholic Church Music and Music Education.

In addition, Regensburg is the seat of a university clinic. With 31 968 students (2016), Regensburg is a student city, which is becoming increasingly attractive. It also offers the highest gastronomic density in Germany with more than 500 bars, restaurants and cafes in the inner city.

The city of Regensburg maintains friendly and enriching relationships with its eight sister cities. The partnership between Clermont-Ferrand and Regensburg was sealed on May 12, 1969 by Mayor Gabriel Montpied and Lord Mayor Rudolf Schlichtinger.


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