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With three lakes and two mountains, Magog's enchanting environment is a jewel that has made it famous throughout Quebec. Its sporting and cultural dynamism makes it a popular place for people of all ages who are looking for a peaceful and healthy environment where life is good.

Magog has early childhood centers, primary and secondary schools as well as health care facilities. Located near two CEGEPs and two universities, Magog offers a potential high-level workforce. A vocational training center offers companies operating in the area customized training that meets their needs in every respect.

Thanks to its exceptional geographic location and its two major highways (Highways 10 and 55), Magog offers direct access to the major urban centers in Quebec and the United States. Magog is 112 km from Montreal, 260 km from Quebec City and less than 35 km from U.S. 91, which provides access to the states of Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York and Maine.

It also benefits from major transportation services. Its railroad runs through its industrial park and provides access to the Maritime provinces as well as the rest of Canada and the United States. Magog is located near several airports (Sherbrooke - 30 km, Bromont - 55 km, Montreal - 126 km, Burlington - 189 km, Plattsburgh - 213 km and Boston - 394 km), not to mention the maritime transportation thanks to the ports of Montreal, Quebec and Boston. Magog is a strategic location for companies looking for proximity to the American, Ontario and Atlantic markets.


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