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Situated at the heart of Europe and within the immediate vicinity of major urban areas such as Rhine-Neckar, Stuttgart, Rhine-Main, Strasbourg in France and Basle in Switzerland, Karlsruhe offers the ideal conditions for commuters, companies and people who travel for business. Highly effective transport and trade routes have been developed to and from important cities, providing excellent access to local markets.

Young, impulsive and full of ideas – the business capital of Baden is buzzing with a lust for life, and all signs clearly point to a future of strong growth. The city offers truly excellent conditions for business success, for science and innovation, for art and culture, and above all for a pleasant home life and base of well-being. Come and discover Karlsruhe for yourself!

More than 220,000 people work in Karlsruhe, the city of technology. The favourable business climate is positively influenced by innovative, knowledge-based companies, a strong foundation in industry and technology, a variety of active sectors and a range of excellent academic and research institutions. Contrary to the emerging trend in other large cities, the population of Karlsruhe has been growing at a significant rate for years. Low unemployment, a steadily increasing number of workers and expanding companies all characterise the city as a prosperous location.

An integral part of Karlsruhe Technology Region, Karlsruhe is at the centre of one of Europe’s most successful areas for business, science and research. The particular strengths of this city in Baden-Württemberg include a well-developed SME sector and a large number of skilled service providers and suppliers in the immediate vicinity. The various small and medium enterprises in the industry, services, trade and craft sectors also generate the largest proportion of revenue and employment in Karlsruhe. These include global high-tech companies, especially in the fields of information technology and production engineering.

Karlsruhe benefits from one of the best local transport systems in Europe in terms of connections. Among experts, the tram system has become known as the ‘Karlsruhe model’; its most distinguishing feature is that is also uses sections of track operated by the national railway. Fast and frequent city trains connect the town centre to the wider region, from Alsace to the Palatinate, and from Kraichgau to the Black Forest.

Karlsruhe is situated in the sunniest region of Germany. People here enjoy a high standard of living in a Mediterranean climate, surrounded by charming landscapes.

In addition to around 1,800 hours of sunshine a year, the attractive infrastructure in Karlsruhe makes for a particularly family-friendly climate. The area offers suitable housing, good childcare facilities and a wide choice of schools. There is also a varied range of recreational facilities and idyllic green surroundings – the perfect environment for children and teenagers to grow up in.

Karlsruhe is a renowned location for business and scientific research where new ideas and pioneering innovations are able to flourish. The city has a long tradition of education. Thousands of young people become a little smarter every day at around 90 public schools of almost every kind, and various independent institutions and the European School Karlsruhe complete the offer. More than 40,000 students are enrolled at the city’s nine universities and technical colleges to pursue their academic studies. These institutions enjoy a high level of international recognition for excellence in teaching and research, especially the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, which not only has a prestigious reputation but is also the largest research institute in Germany.

The cultural offer in Karlsruhe combines science and art, culture and cultures. The ZKM Centre for Art and Media is a unique institution where art and technology intersect, attracting audiences from across Germany and abroad. It is a museum, a convention centre, a production site and a research facility all in one. With acclaimed exhibitions, festivals, symposiums and congresses, the ZKM is heavily involved with new media and all its possibilities.


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