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Cuneo is a Municipality in Piedmont, Italy and the capital of the Province of Cuneo. The town opens out towards the mountains and nearby France, acting as a focus point of an extensive area which incorporates the mountain tract that extends to the Ligurian coast-line and Cote d’Azur.

Cuneo has important cultural, artistic and historical assets. Founded in 1198, is called the city of the seven sieges. The main street are bordered by some of the portals of the most important town building, while the back streets also house a host of important historic buildings.

One million 350 thousand square metres of public green, is the green treasure of Cuneo, one of the largest per resident, awarding Cuneo the definition of “the green capital city of Piedmont”. A main feature of Cuneo is being surrounded by the Gesso and Stura River Park, a protected area of over 4500 hectares including the whole highland and 10 more towns.

Cuneo is planning its future with great attention to the environmental values. The general town plan has drawn a balanced developing town, modern and rich in facilities, still able to maintain and take care of its rich patrimony of culture, sense of beauty and harmonious way of living. The Town Council has produced the Piano Strategico (strategic plan) to perfect the town new plan. This document stqates projects and growing stages of the urban areas as far as 2020, through a strategic planning that involves the whole local community aiming at a common future and the actions and projects to achieve it.


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