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Bridgewater, NS

Nestled in the heart of the LaHave River Valley on Nova Scotia’s South Shore, Bridgewater is a thriving town of over 8,500 residents. A 20-minute drive from some of Atlantic Canada’s best oceanfront beaches, and conveniently located just one hour by car from the provincial capital of Halifax, Bridgewater boasts a reputation as the Main Street of the South Shore.

Welcoming, friendly, and open for business, Bridgewater has been nationally recognized in Canada as a Senior Friendly Community and was named the Best Community For Young Families in all of Atlantic Canada in 2014.

Bridgewater prides itself on its reputation as a nationally recognized sustainable community and a leader in municipal green practices in Atlantic Canada. In 2014, the community was awarded the Efficiency Nova Scotia Bright Business Award for excellence in energy management, solidifying its reputation for engaging businesses and residents alike to find new ways to be energy conscious and to live more responsibly.

Bridgewater boasts sprawling parks and green spaces, offering a true connection to nature within a bustling and vibrant town. The 8-kilometre Centennial Trail, Shipyards Landing, King Street Court, Mariners Landing, and Pijinuiskaq Park are among the gems that provide breathtaking views of the LaHave River.

Modern and energy efficient facilities such as the Lunenburg County Lifestyle Centre (LCLC), home to Clearwater Seafoods Arena, the Margaret Hennigar Public Library, and the BMO Financial Group Aquatic Centre, complement sites that honour our heritage, including the DesBrisay Museum and the Wile Carding Mill.

Culturally, Bridgewater embraces a number of annual events reflecting the diversity in the community and paying tribute to vibrant art, local music, the region’s centuries-old agricultural history and so much more.


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