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With 2000 years of history, Braga is the third-largest city in Portugal, after Lisbon and Porto, and has high standards of quality of life based on location and infrastructures. Considered to be one of the youngest European cities, Braga combines perfectly its two-thousand-year old History with an invigorating youth and vitality.

Braga has 182000 inhabitants and is the capital of Minho region with more than 1 million inhabitants. Braga is served by 5 highways and is 35 minutes driving from the Porto International Airport and has an excellent geographical location, being easily reached by car, subway/train, taxi or bus. 
Braga has always taken a strategic and central regional role: From Bracara Augusta to the present day, both for its privileged geographical location and its dynamism, Braga plays a leading role in the economy, culture, knowledge and technology of the region.

Its centrality and relevance provides its inhabitants an excellent quality of life in various sectors: Health, Employment, Education, Security and Culture.
Furthermore, the Municipality of Braga has tried to foster these and other fundamental criteria to meet the needs and expectations of its inhabitants; developing policies for cohesion and social equality, family support as the primary core of the community, as well as policies for raising awareness of sustainable growth, promoting innovation and creativity as development engines.

Economically, the Municipality considers that Economic Promotion, Investment Attraction and Internationalization are the key vectors of the strategic measures adopted by the Municipality in order to foster Dynamism, Innovation, Knowledge and Creativity in Business Sector, towards a new local and regional economic cycle.
And this municipal commitment to promote development based on the transfer of knowledge, technology and eco sustainability has been advertising the city of Braga as a "cluster" of technological industries and an increasingly attractive pole for Investment. 

Braga is a technological hotbed, where many international well succeeded startups have emerged and is home to a renowned University – University of Minho – and to the International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory (INL) – a leading international research centre.

Braga has also been generating interest as a Destination in new Tourism segments: Religious and Cultural Tourism (one of the main interests of those visiting us), Business Tourism, City Breaks, and Gastronomy and Wines are now new key products to promote tourism in the Jewel of Minho.


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