The international festival of the travel notebook

The international festival of the travel notebook

Each year, the « Rendez-vous du carnet de voyage » allows more than 100 travel writers to exhibit their travel books and to meet the public, for 3 days. If the event has always been deeply open to the world by welcoming artists from all over the world, this year it becomes international even in its title, by becoming "the International Rendezvous of the travel notebook".

For 22 years, it has been the largest event dedicated to travel notebooks: from watercolor to comics, from traditional notebooks to digital and even sound notebooks, all styles are represented.


In order to make the "Rendez-vous" a real crossroads of the travel book, the association "Il Faut Aller Voir" invests in the implementation of several international cooperation projects. Actively supported by the City of Clermont-Ferrand in this respect, the association highlights cities of the International Network of Michelin Cities.


In 2021, for the 1st time, 4 RIVM carnettists were present:

Felix TAMAYO from Valladolid, Spain (, Kerstin Schoch from Karlsruhe (Instagram: kerstins_sketches), Germany, Daniel Valencia Garcia from Querétaro, Mexico and Sighanda from Cuneo, Italy.


This year, for the 22nd Rendez-vous International du Carnet de Voyage, it is around 4 new talented artists to come and present their artworks in Clermont-Ferrand.

They come from Braga in Portugal, Regensburg in Germany, Salford in United-Kingdom and from Clermont-Ferrand in France.


Simone Ridyard


A senior lecturer at Manchester Metropolitan University, BA (Hons) Interior Design course leader and former architect, her elegant drawing style emphasizes the value of pen, pencil and watercolor in communicating space and buildings. While on a teaching exchange at Temasek Polytechnic in Singapore in 2012, she discovered the global urban sketching community and has since then been actively involved in Urban Sketchers. That same year she founded the Manchester Urban Sketching Group, and her book Archisketcher was published in 2015. Prior to Covid-19, she led drawing workshops specializing in understanding perspective. She has collaborated with Winsor & Newton and Derwent on mediated art operations and with The Big Draw. She is also on the editorial board of Mancunian Books. Her work has been featured in the Sunday Observer News Review and on the Guardian website.


Josef Lermer

Josef Lermer was born in 1963 in Regensburg, Germany. Already as a child he enjoyed drawing and painting. Since 1982, pencil and paper have accompanied him wherever he goes. Professionally, he works as an IT manager for an international company. Josef is a convinced European, which is why he travels mainly in Europe. Since part of Josef Lermer's family lives in Vienna, his favorite subject is the Austrian capital, in addition to Regensburg. What he finds fascinating about urban sketching is that, even after years, you can still remember the atmosphere of the place and meet like-minded people everywhere.


Patrícia Ferreira

She stopped working as a manager in the financial sector after twenty years to devote herself entirely to her art. Regularly exhibiting her drawings, paintings, illustrations and comics, she received an honorable mention at the 2nd Almada Drawing Biennial in 2018. She also conducts workshops and creates illustrations for books. Braga marks the work of Patrícia, who found through it the best way to interpret and depict her origins. Braga is her home town, that of her parents and grandparents: this is evident in her drawings, which do not only speak of emblematic places and facades, but of bells that mark time, traditional drums, accordions, rituals, churches, traditions, terraces, great moments and small details, silence, viewpoints, trees and fountains, squares and avenues, people in a rush or not, passing by with or without a destination…
























Samuel Chardon

Born in Clermont-Ferrand, he studied graphic design and combines his passions (drawing and travel) to create a collection of travel books and comics. He rarely travels miles to see a site, preferring to hang out in cities, the countryside, small cafes, waiting for the encounter facilitated by the fact of drawing in situ. "In 1991, I created a series of drawings on the city of Clermont-Ferrand. My city, on which I cast a " rather provocative " glance, commented a journalist, has today taken on more vibrant colors. Its gray walls are dressed in pink,

yellow ochre, red and salmon. Or maybe it's just my eyes that have changed? By a new series of drawings made on the same places, thirty-one years later, I want to mark these transformations of the city".




The next International Rendezvous of the travel notebook will be held from 18th till 20th November 2022, in Clermont-Ferrand.

Opening hours: Open from 9am to 7:30pm on Friday and Saturday and from 9am to 6pm on Sunday