197 000 inhabitants

University city


Amphoe PhraPradaeng is located in Samut Prakan Province. Originally named "Nakhon Khuan Khan". It was settled by Mon people in 1815 and was set up by the royal decree of Municipality on March 14, 1937. Phrapradaeng Municipality covers an area of 0.6115 kilometer, and it is the smallest municipality in Thailand. Although it's small size and the difficulty to expand, it had a big potential because of the people and identity of the city. In time, Phrapradang became a large and fast-growing community.

The old town of Prapradang has farmlands and gardens, the Lad-ta-nong canal is passing through the Chao Phraya River from the East, and Lat-Luang canal from the West. As a result of it, the people are mainly practice agriculture. The city of PhraPradaeng is located along the river, which plays an important role in the city frontier. It is connected to the city's trade and commerce from the past to the present. PhraPradaeng municipality is located at the end of the Chao Phraya River, Central of Thailand, North Gulf of Thailand, and it is 25 kilometers from Bangkok.

Most of the terrain is a lowland area with the Chao Phraya River flowing and there are many canals that make it convenient for gardening and farming. Currently, the municipality is using the area for housing, trade and exchange. The weather in Prapradang is mostly breezy or cold. In the summer

it is hot with high humidity out of the sea wind and the southwest monsoon. It gets very rainy in September – October. In December, it rains less often and Weather is seasonal.