118 000 inhabitants

University city



Nyíregyháza is the capital of the Szabolcs-Szatmár-Bereg County in Hungary.

Nyíregyháza is a city with a rich culture that is constantly changing and moving into an economic location.


Tourism is a key factor to the city, as it has many natural and cultural sites. The Sosto Zoo is one of the biggest and most beautiful zoos in Europe with approximately half a million visitors per year. However, Sóstó offers other activities, too. Those who would like to relax, can enjoy their time in Aquarius Thermal Spa or around Sóstó Lake, which is part of the environment -friendly project of the Municipality. Besides these natural sites, several other attractions are waiting for the tourists, such as theaters and museums.



During the whole year, there are several events and festivals, for example the Christmas fair or Vidor festival.



From 2016, Nyíregyháza is a University town. The university offers more than 100 courses aiming for excellence in such diverse fields as economics, engineering sciences, and literature.


Having set a steady course for innovation, Nyíregyháza is also a fertile ground for entrepreneurs. The Industrial Park has become a famous location for foreign entrepreneurs with several big companies, like Michelin, Lego and Eissman to name a few.