545 000 inhabitants

University city



Gomel is located on a high and picturesque bank of the River Sozh.

It is situated in the south-east of the Republic of Belarus. Gomel is the administrative centre of Gomel region. The first historical records of Gomel can be found in the chronicles of 1142.

The total area of Gomel is 135 sq km. The population is about 545000 people. Gomel is the second city in the terms of economic potential in Belarus. Gomel has developed infrastructure, industry, science and culture. There are a lot of historic and architectural monuments in the city. Gomel withstood during the historic challenges, it flourished and now it faces the future with confidence.

The industrial complex of our city is represented by 100 large and medium-sized enterprises of different forms of ownership.

5% of the total output of the industrial products produced in the Republic of Belarus is concentrated in the industrial complex of Gomel. All the output of phosphate fertilizers, forage harvesters, polished glass produced in the Republic is concentrated in the city.

The well developed building industry is represented by 70 institutions. 200 000 square meters of real estate are taken into use annually.

Mid annual external turnover of goods and services exceeds 2,5 billion USD. Foreign trade operations of Gomel are carried out with the participation of the companies from 90 countries from near and far abroad.

According to the foreign trade volume Gomel occupies the second place in the Republic.

Free Economic Zone Gomel-Raton has been functioning on the territory of the city since 1998. The main advantages of Free Economic Zone Gomel-Raton are availability of the well developed infrastructure and engineering services, transport communications, granting tax incentives and custom preferences.

There are 7 universities in Gomel.

Gomel is one of the largest cultural centers in Belarus. There are 4 artistic unions, 3 theatres, 3 cinema houses, Philharmonic Hall, Gomel State Circus, 4   showrooms, museums. Gomel is famous all over the world for holding festivals and tournaments such as «Sozhsky Karagod», «Golden lynx», «Renaissance of a guitar», «Slavic theatre meetings» and others. The city is included into the «Golden ring» of Gomel region that is the main tourist route of the south-east district of Belarus.

The structure of the public health facilities is represented by 87 establishments.

Our city is an active participant of the twinning projects. Nowadays, Gomel has 32 agreements on twinning and cooperation with regions and cities from Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, China, France, Georgia, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, Ukraine, USA.

In 1977 the Agreement on twinning between Gomel and Clermont-Ferrand was signed. In 1979 Clermont-Ferrand Street appeared in Gomel. During this period a close cooperation was set in the spheres of education and culture.